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(i). Registrations under DPIIT:

Tax Clinic offers a one Stop solution with its network of Pan India Consultants to support young Startups the hassle Free Solution for Company registration and ROC Compliances.

ROC compliances have become a necessary and important aspect of secretarial compliances and attract heavy penalties if not practiced timely. Our teams help the evolving businesses to focus on their mine line of operation and take care of the secretarial compliances

(ii). Legal Contracts & Agreements:

At Tax clinic we have the best of Lawyers empanelled that help you to protect your developing businesses. Seek professional help in Drafting the Legally sound and protected MOUs, Investor Agreements, Share Holding Agreements etc. so your business holding and interest are equally protected and preserved despite getting multiple funding and dilution of equity.

(iii). Startup Fund Raising from Banks, PE and VC:

Finance and continuous arising of Funds is the key to success to any young or evolved startup. At Tax Clinic we have been helping the clients as young Startup or in stress with raising of Debt and equity at all stages of business evolvement.

With healthy relations with Bankers, Venture capital Funds, Private Equity and Angel Investors, we help the corporate rise funds at different stages of Growth.

We help them mentor, help prepare DPR, feasibility Studies and CMA reports for different industries and financial institutional requirements.

(iv). Direct and Indirect Tax Support and compliances:

Our core teams of GST, Accounting and Taxation, with   Chartered Accountants and company Secretaries support the clients with monthly and periodical support of Accounting and Tax especially TDS and GST.

With complexities in GST still pending, our endeavor is to save clients from penalties and late interest burden. The GST audit, the daily notification and bringing the best practices of GST is our strength.

(v). Compliances and company Incorporation:

Once an organization is incorporated, a group of compliance connected formalities should be completed to keep up compliance as per the businesses Act, 2013.

Non-compliance could lead to fines and penalties on the Directors and the Company. Hence, it is important for those incorporating a company to be aware of the post incorporation compliance requirements of a company.

Here we have a tendency to maintain these incorporation compliances needed for an organization like statutory register maintenance, share certificates, auditor appointment, checking account gap and a lot of

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