What is trademark?

A trademark is a legal protection for anything that gives a specific identity to a product or service, including the protection of the word, label, equipment, size of goods, logo.
A trademark is an intellectual property. By obtaining an online trademark registration in Delhi, the trademark owner obtains legal protection against someone who is trying to copy the brand in some other way. Hence the registered owner will get the right to sue the wrong-owner.


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Trademark Registration

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CFO Services

Virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is a profitable service to leverage for service businesses, especially for new startups and businesses as it provides expert support to manage financial matters. We are a reputed financial firm based in Delhi providing virtual CFO services at DELHI.

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Due Diligence Report

Details coming soon…

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Accounting Services

In the layman’s language, the accounting / bookkeeping process is the process where your revenue and expenses are giving an idea of how your business is doing. The process of storing, sorting and recording financial transactions is a mandatory requirement and all businesses (including small owners) require legislation to submit their accounts to the Income Tax (IT) department.

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GST Services

GST refers to Goods and Services Tax which includes all taxes like sales tax, service tax, excise duty etc. If your annual sales are more than. 20 Lakh.

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