Outsourcing the payroll will save the time and reduces the risk and errors. Big companies hire payroll service providing company and small companies may assign to an Individual who can take care of Companies Internal payroll.

According to me Tax clinic is one of the Best payroll service provider CA firm in Delhi. We offer affordable services which saves your time and cost.

These are the services which comes under payroll processing

  • Preparation Of Pay slips
  • Preparation of Monthly Payroll
  • Maintenance of salary register
  • Computation of Income tax on salary
  • Reconciliation of Payment /statutory deduction
  • Preparation and submission of quarterly e-TDS Return
  • Preparation and Filling of annual Return for all statutory Dues
  • Preparation of form 16 for the employees
  • Design of Salary structure to save the Income tax

Payroll Services

Preparations Of Pay Slips

Preparation Of The Monthly Payroll

Maintenance Of Salary Registers

Computation Of Income Tax On Salary

Reconciliation Of Payments/Statutory Deductions Etc.

Preparation And Submission Of Quarterly E-TDS Returns

Preparation And Filing Of Annual Returns For All Statutory Dues

Preparation Of Form 16 For The Employees

Design Of Salary Structures To Save The Income Tax