In the layman’s language, the accounting / bookkeeping process is the process where your revenue and expenses are giving an idea of how your business is doing. The process of storing, sorting and recording financial transactions is a mandatory requirement and all businesses (including small owners) require legislation to submit their accounts to the Income Tax (IT) department. Also, to raise any form of funds including debt and equity, the financial institutions definitely ask for accounts and audited balance sheets.

Being an accountant for small or even medium-sized business is an expensive exercise and at Tax Clinic, we help you with your accounts and bookkeeping through our expert team and proprietary software.

What we offer in Accounting Services-

  • Book Keeping
  • Maintenance Of Accounts
  • Bank Reconciliation Statements
  • Prepration Of Trial balance
  • Debtor Control Management
  • Inventory control Management
  • Reveiew of Accoounting Systems and Proccedures
  • Design,Installation and Reveiew of Finacial Management
  • Prepration Of Accounting Manual & System Manuals
  • Creation Of Account Master and Codes

Accounting Services

Creation Of Account Masters And Codes

Book Keeping

Maintenance Of Accounts

Reconciliation Of Bank Statements

Preparation Of Trial Balance

Debtor Control Management

Inventory Control Management

Review Of Accounting Systems And Procedures.

Design, Installation Or Review Of Financial Management

Preparation Of Accounting Manuals & System Manuals.