Service Tax and GST on Construction Flat under 60 sq mt


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Respected sir/madam,

I have paid 20% of booking amount of a flat (Flat value slightly more than 20 lakhs,under 60 sq mt in Durgapur West Bengal/ Non Metro City) in April-May 2015. Flat Agreement was registered in June 2016 and another 65% I have paid from Home Loan A/C in July -Nov 2016. Some more amount are to be paid. Now my question is that -Is I am not eligible for service charge exemption for flat under 60 sq mt in non Metro city as per Central Budget 2016 and if not what will be my service tax amount and GST amount for the amount I have paid and will have to paid. My flat have been completed before March 2019 but final payment is not made due to the dispute on the service tax issue. If I have to pay the tax how can I directly pay it to the Govt of see is the Govt really got the amount or not?

Please help me.

Thanking you sir.
Debashis Roy
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