Income Tax Return has been selected under risk management process


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Hi ,

I had filed my income tax return for AY 2019-20 before due date i.e. on 13 Aug 2019.
This return was rendered defective by the income tax department.
I rectified the return on 28th September and uploaded the same.
Now I have received the following email from Income tax department.

It is seen that a claim of refund has been made in the Income Tax Return 180693850280919 for 2019 filed by you on 28-SEP-2019.

Your Income Tax Return has been selected under risk management process wherein your confirmation is required on the claim of refund. You are requested to submit your response in the e-Filing Portal post login by selecting either of the following options:

The claim of refund is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief
Return of Income is being revised wherein, correct claim of refund shall be made
To submit the above mentioned response, please login to e-Filing portal, Go to Worklist->For Your Action-> Response for Refund Confirmation.

Please verify the claims made in your Return of Income filed and submit your response accordingly. In case of any incorrect claims, please revise your Income Tax Return (ITR) .

Please submit your response within 30 days of receipt of this e-mail.

Please ignore this mail, if you have already submitted your response.

Kindly let me know , Which option should I select ?

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