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  • Dear Experts,Â

    We are Registered in gst. We are giving below the expenses which we generally expense :- (all from unregister dealer)Â
    1) RentÂ
    2) Repair and Maintenance (Building, Vehicle)Â
    3) salary or wages
    4) Interest on CC AccountÂ
    5) Interest on all Loan AccountÂ
    6) Insurance premium (All types)Â
    7) Telephone ExpensesÂ
    8) Printing & StationeryÂ
    9) Staff Welfare – Tea etc. and other staff related expensesÂ
    10) accounting charges
    11) Legal and cosultany feesÂ

    12) bank charges
    13) Petrol and dieselÂ
    14) staff welfare expensesÂ
    15) Advertisements
    16) Freight Exp and transportation expÂ
    17) electricity billÂ
    18) misc. expenses
    19)Travelling expenses

    which expenses are of what rate and
    Sir, please tell us which Expenses are liable to pay GST under RCM in above list. Please sir, help us to resolve the above query. Waiting for an early & stick response in this regard. which are under compulsory rcm or which are under daily limit of 5000??

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Answer ( 1 )

  1. RCM not applicable on following points-

    point 3 salary & wages

    point 6 insurance premium ( because GST charged by insurance companies)

    point 4 interest on cc account,

    point 12,13,17.


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