Exemption of Contribution under Rs.5000/- of residence to RWA


I am residence of Group Housing complex, and RWA charging 3000/- per month per member with adding GST.

01.Please clarify is this a Justified charging GST by RWA?

02. How and where from RWA mange to Pay GST for (Third Party) maintenance Agency or Subsequently Maintenance Service Provider (Third Party) is also exempt to charge GST while billing to RWA  as pure Agent,  since RWA is not immediate recipient of Goods & service).

03. Who will bear the cost of GST of  (Third Party) Maintenance Service provider.

Please clarify at the earliest.


Thanking You


Mukund Dhote


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    In this case, i give you general truth about GST.

    GST is a indirect tax which levy by Govt. and the final burden of such tax will born by consumers.

    if you don’t have any ITC then you would pay all whole amount of tax to the government.

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