26 AS mismatch with GST turn-over


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I am a self employed consultant and registered under GST. For March’ 20 I raised an invoice of Rs 1.2 L and received payment in April’20. I included this invoice while filing GSTR 1 and 3 B for Mar’ 20 and hence included in the turn-over for FY 2019-20.. My client have not booked this invoice in Mar’ 20 and hence while issuing TDS they have not considered this in FY 2019-20. They will include it in FY 2020-21. Now while filing IT return if I don’t include this in FY 2019-20 there will be mismatch with GST turn-over. If I include there will be mismatch next year since the client will show it next year in TDS.
So how do I go about it ?

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