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Direct and Indirect Taxation

(i)Income Tax

In Our Current Economies , the size and complexity of business have grown so much to have  an Expert team of Dedicated professionals who understand the Law in depth and advice the client about the growing Complexities and Complainces. We at Tax Clinic stay constantly abreast with changes in tax policies, administration & regulations and domestic & international Laws . Tax Clinic specializes  to identify  potential threats & opportunities and advise clients on acceptable methods to mitigate exposure and optimize tax benefits .Since Lot of Initaiatives are being taken by the government and stricter compliances , it is necessary to use best of technology ,software and services to deliver best to corporate.


The advent of GST has led to the implementation of a uniform Indirect Tax System across the country. While assisting our clients with the every-day challenges faced by them in implementing GST, we also keep a track of pending assessments, litigations, investigations related to VAT, Service Tax, Excise and other local taxes. It is crucial to comply with the current Indirect Tax provisions while maintaining a track of the erstwhile regime. Our Indirect Tax services include:

Complete range of GST compliance and implementation services, including:
  • Filing of returns
  • GST advisory and representation
  • GST audit
  • GST assessment
Assistance in:
  • GST digital compliances
  • GSP services
  • Reconciliation of uploaded data with financial system
Advisory and Representation services relating to:
  • Customs
  • Value Added Tax
  • Excise
  • Dealing with pending assessments
  • Foreign Trade Policy Assistance